London Navigated TMS Workshop

30th of November - 1st of December 2018

- The London Navigated TMS Workshop is an initiative by the co-organizers mentioned above.
The most targeted navigated TMS workshop for clinical applications
London Navigated TMS workshop is a fertile ground to interact with lead clinicians who use or want to use nTMS for a wide range of clinical applications such as presurgical functional mapping, neurorehabilitation, treatment of psychiatric disorders and pain.
During the workshop, you can expect to get familiar with the principles of nTMS, acquire in-depth knowledge on the applications by top-notch key-opinion leaders in each field, see the demo of a TMS session with general neuronavigation, motor mapping and speech mapping, and get your hands on the system for a more tangible experience, allowing you to prepare yourself to use the method in your nTMS lab.
CPD Accreditation by The Royal Society of Medicine has been granted for this event. There are also two scholarship funds available for Ph.D. students that cover the registration and accommodation costs (more information can be found under "contact").

"Everything you need to know to start your clinical practice with navigated TMS"
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