Gala Dinner

on Friday 30th of November 2018

OXBO Bankside gently stimulates the senses with a delicious combination of authentic ingredients and exotic influences from around the world. The Gala menu is a mixture of traditional British dishes amplified with an eclectic mix of spices, herbs and garnishes creating a culinary fusion of provenance, culture and invention.
- Grilled Brixham squid, tiger prawns, fennel, samphire, lemon, tarragon -
- Oxbo rare beef salad, tapioca crackers, nashi pear, mustard emulsion -
- Marinated cucumber, palm heart, onion cauliflower baji, aubergine yogurt -
- Caesar salad, parmesan, croutons -
- Rump of Cornish lamb, thyme jus, crushed sweet potato -
- Roasted line caught Sea bass, Champagne cream, oyster fritters -
- Josper grilled cauliflower, saffron rice, sultanas, wild mushrooms -
- Marinated Cornfed chicken, corn aioli, roasted vine tomatoes -
- Individual OXBO cheesecake sundae, strawberries and raspberries - 
- Almond bakewell tart, blackberries and Devon clotted cream - 
- Bankside sherry trifle, meringues, fudge, blueberries -
- Cornish organic Brie, pear chutney, wheat wafers -
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